21st Century Citizen


I just found this new app called Plinky, which suggests topics to write about (a new prompt shows up in email every day). This particular one seemed tailor-made for me: It asks: Do you feel comfortable as a 21st Century citizen? Or would you have preferred to have lived in another time? Here’s my answer:

I would like to have come of age at the turn of the 20th Century. I would like to have been a part of the Women's Rights movement, and I hope I would have had the courage to challenge boundaries, fight for the right to vote, and for the opportunity for girls to play basketball. I’m sure it wouldn’t have been easy. Opponents of the Suffragist movement were as vitriolic in their opposition as those who feel threatened by today’s women’s rights issues are. Still, this was an energized and an energizing time for women in our country — at the dawn of an incredible new era — and it would have been fun to be a part of that. The photo at left, by the way, is Senda Berenson in front of the Smith College gymnasium at the turn of the century. She’s the woman who taught girls basketball to her students in 1892. The rest, as they say, is history!

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