Announcing the publication of Finding A Way to Play

Finding a Way to Play will be ready to ship the third week of August. To order a copy click on this link.

Here’s a description from the back of the book.

Finding a Way to Play is a love story about women who have gone to great lengths to play the game of basketball. In this book you will read about:
* The earliest pioneers who played despite concerns about risks to their health and femininity
* Black and Native American women who endured racial discrimination as they searched for opportunities to play
* Lesbians who hid their identities for fear of being denied the chance to play
* Women over 50 who ignored aches and pains to rediscover the joys of a childhood passion.
Young adults who read this book will come away with an understanding of the roads their great-grandmothers, grandmothers, and their own mothers traveled to bring the game into the future. Those who grew up before Title IX may find themselves or loved ones in the stories of women who kept the earliest flame alive and grew the game for their daughters to enjoy.

“Joanne Lannin has played and covered the game of basketball with great fervor and passion, and in her new book she captures the spirit of the women who pioneered the sport she treasures. Their stories are inspiring, heartbreaking and infuriating, and they spring to life with the author’s steady voice guiding the way. If you love the game, you’ll love this book.”
Jackie MacMullan – ESPN Senior Writer and author of When the Game was Ours, with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

JOANNE LANNIN played basketball in high school and college and currently plays on a senior women’s team. She was a sports and feature writer for the Maine Sunday Telegram in Portland, Maine for 22 years. She writes a blog about women’s basketball at

Cover design by Sue Schenning
Cover photograph courtesy of Francies “Goose” Carroutte and Gary Newton<a


3 thoughts on “Announcing the publication of Finding A Way to Play

  1. Hello Joanne…. wow…how news spreads! I live in Dallas… and another basketball lady friend of mine near San Antonio/Austin contacted me to say someone had sent her your book…and also mentioned that you had mentioned my name and specific connection to senior women’s basketball in Texas! How nice of you to include me in your book. I’ve promoted fitness and staying involved in life and living through senior women’s sports for about 13 years ….(I’m now 76) I too just published my first book – self published through CreateSpace/Amazon…. (what a project that was!!) “the Last Train Out” by Rudy and Kay Seamayer…. on Amazon.

    Here is a link to an award winning documentary about my team and me I thought you might enjoy…. just released by the director on youtube: “The Granny Globetrotter”

    I’m also now involved in playing pickleball… (I played competitive tennis for 35 years – state ranked…and loved it, but quit tennis to play basketball – and now, I’m playing both!) I’m also a USAPA Ambassador at Large for Greater Dallas… so I continue to promote fitness and wellness in the senior women’s community…. Being inducted into the Texas Senior Games Hall of Fame last year (in my 75th year) was a great honor and naturally, adds a little spice to my “cause….”

    Take care… I look forward to hearing from you. I’m not sure if this goes only to you, or to public… it is meant only to go to you….. please do not publish in its entirety on your blog…

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